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The connect water harness was a new concept in kiteboarding harness design, being ultra light and providing maximum freedom of movement. our latest v2 design maintains these attributes with added comfort and added support.


  • Button to release the Spreader Bar
  • Ring for  safety leash
  • Reinforced foam padding


Focusing on improved design and material selection, we have created a lightweight functional harness that is perfect for daily freeride sessions, be it twin tip, surf or foil.


The lightweight construction and the ability to lay it flat without deforming the molded panels make it the perfect travel harness.


The ergonomic fit has been optimized with a slightly taller midsection to increase back support without restricting movement.


The Connect Water V2 is flexible in all directions, so you will feel completely free, which provides greater freedom during maneuvers and allows you to maintain a comfortable body position at all times.


The internal panels have been redesigned to stiffen specific areas exposed to the highest loads, combined with full-length straps between bar attachment points for optimal load distribution and additional strength.


Ultra-soft foam padding and outer neoprene layer provide friction-free comfort. Sailing in a swimsuit is a rash and scuff free experience thanks to the sleek lines and precisely sculpted shape.


The Connect Water V2 is designed for a snug and tight fit, the tighter the harness, the less the tendency to climb or shift from side to side. This added security combined with lightweight comfort allows you to stay longer and get the most out of your sessions.


Comes with line cutter knife.

Kitesurf / Connect Water Harness V2 / Ozone

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  • Talla Cintura (cm)
    XXS 68 - 73
    XS 72 - 77
    S 75 - 80
    M 79 - 85
    L 84 - 90
    XL 89 - 96
    XXL 95 - 102
    XXXL 100 - 107
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