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Size: Medium (44-52)


The Quickloop Overdrive 1X Trimlite is a highly refined control system with universal compatibility.


From its soft, ergonomic adjustable bar ends to its lightweight cleat molding and 1X safety system, the Quickloop Overdrive 1X Trimlite is a method of kite control.  high performance and features. What makes Quickloop Overdrive 1X superior to other systems is its precise ergonomics and well thought out form factor.


The security system is intuitive, works effortlessly, and integrates seamlessly into the design. The 1X Overdrive Trimlite control system is designed for all riders, from beginners to professionals, who use an inflatable kite with a single line (1X) compatible safety method. Adjustable bar length and a cleat edge are a priority.



An ergonomic multifunction adjustable control bar with Cabrinha 1X safety, Quickloop connection and Trimlite trim system.



8cm wide easy-fit Overdrive bar end with guide adjustment




Fully retractable elastic line retainer,  soft, yet durable and ergonomic injection EVA bar ends with flex grooves Asymmetrical design with superior comfort and traction for better grip


Simple and clean system


Universal Quickloop Connection Durable stainless steel plug


Integrated bungee cut line to reduce tail


Low "V" connection for direct address 1 centralized signaling line connection point


Low elongation DSM Dyneema ™ flight lines for straightforward, uncompromising performance


8m lower front lines for convenient serviceability


Color-coded line connection for added security

Overdrive Quickloop / Cabrinha Kitesurf Bar

$629,900 Regular Price
$472,425Sale Price
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