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A clean and simple design, with an easy to use adjustment system and with our latest innovation: the click-in loop.

The innovative Click-In Loop

- A completely new Push-away quick release with an innovative Click-In re-arm function, in one step and incredibly intuitive.

- The release handle fits ergonomically in the hand, activating the safety is a quick and easy process, you just have to push the handle.

- An automatic positioning release mechanism engages automatically, ready to reload simply by "Clicking" on the loop. The Click-In Loop is certified by AFNOR NF S52-503.

- Although this important security check is often overlooked, checking its operation before each session will ensure that it works correctly when you need it.

- We have developed the Click-In function to be simple and intuitive, so activating and recharging will become second nature.



- Exceptional Ozone Factory Construction

- The innovative Click-In Loop

- Soft bar ends with pre-line adjustments

- Stainless steel pin

- Lightweight aluminum centerpiece

- Ergonomic EVA grip

- De-power line covered in PU

- Stainless steel trimmer bracket

- Clamcleat Trimmer

- Relaunch balls

- Flight lines of 500kg / 300kg

Kitesurf / Ozone Bar

  • For all your Kite bars, we will give you free shipping!

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