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Kite Foil / Surf Foil


Designed for any rider  looking for a diverse multifunctional board, the Autopilot is a board  high-performance equipment that, like its name, is incredibly intuitive and easy to operate, making it  takes you from your first steps in surfing to the next level of freeride and waves. Whether you want  being towed by a kite  or being able to paddle, the AutoPilot  defines the current state of the foil boarding.


Compatible with the ecological Hi: Rise foil system.


Design profile:

High volume, maximum lean angle, early takeoff



EPS core, light weight, floating


Durable composite bamboo sandwich construction


Concave cover for positive control


Beveled rails for a more forgiving lean angle


Industry standard 90mm adjustable T-blade holder with position indicators


Rear kick EVA back pad for excellent traction and control



5'2 ″ x 21 ″ x 2.2 ″ - 33L

5'6 "x 21.4" x 2.2 "- 36L


Included with the board: back pad and foil mounting hardware.

Kite Foil / Surf Foil / AutoPilot / Cabrinha Board

$729,900 Regular Price
$620,415Sale Price
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