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The G6 is Stoked's top of the line, the fit is very ergonomic, it is a suit that has evolved hand in hand with the riders to make it as comfortable as possible and not to enter water and warm in all conditions, it includes  New, more stretch and warm materials, it has all the cutting-edge Stoked technology, such as 100% sealing, inner wool and full stretch. With a thickness of 5/4 / 3mm with a fixed cap, it is a more winter suit ideal for central and southern Chile or for those who do not like to be cold, without sacrificing elasticity and comfort. The great novelty of this suit is the materiality,  Focused on sustainability that is why this suit is created with Neopren based on Limestone or Limestone Rock that is obtained from a mineral and not from oil like conventional neoprene, making it friendly to the environment. Another advantage is its more even and homogeneous cell microstructure, making it more durable and providing greater impermeability. Other compound  It is the ECO Carbon Black obtained from recycled tires, reducing CO2 emissions by 72%. In addition, scraps of surplus suits are used for its construction, reducing up to 5000kg of neoprene garbage when reused. All parts are glued with AQUA ™ which eliminates VOC emissions per suit by 600g, with flat seams and free of toluene emissions. It is a 100% flexible suit, which facilitates mobility in the water. It has a closure on the chest, making it more ergonomic and isolating the body from the water more effectively. The pieces of the suit are glued, with flat, double and reinforced seams, giving it a lot of resistance. It also includes a Thermo tech technology, which helps to keep the heat inside the suit, as well as making it dry faster after wearing it. The suit materials are 100% toluene free and consume 80% less water in the process. Includes a pocket to store the key.


ThermoTech -> Inner thermal towel technology that helps keep the heat inside the suit, as well as making it dry faster after wearing it.
Fast Dry -> The suit comes with a water repellent treatment that makes it more waterproof and dries faster especially for when you use it often so you can avoid wearing the suit wet, at the same time it is lighter in the water.
Limestone Based Neoprene -> Eco Rock Neoprene is the base component to make the rubber that is made from limestone or limestone rock unlike many petroleum based suits.
Liquid Tape Seal -> Our seals are made with "Liquid Tape Seal" technology that completely seals the seams of the suit preventing water from entering. This stamp is mega resistant to UV rays and stretch. At the same time it is mega flexible when bending.
UltraFlex -> All arm and joint areas are made with materials focused on flexibility. We include the most flexible material on the market for all of our top of the line suits. It is made up of a mix of 2 fibers that expand together in 4 directions.
YKK closures -> All the closures of our suits are YKK, the best closure in the world, in quality, durability and resistance.
Dope Dyed Yarn -> All the black fabrics of our suits are dyed with a new Dope Dyed technology that saves up to 80% of water in the process, also saving a lot of energy.


How to choose the best wetsuit for you?


We leave you this  link  with points to consider before buying a wetsuit.

Wetsuit G6 5/4/3 mm Eco / Size L / Stoked

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