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Designed specifically for wave kitesurfing and freestyle surfing, the Drifter has the ability to turn its power on and off on command. When taking a wave, you have  all the power you need, but while cruising, you often need  that the kite  disappear completely while you browse on your own. It is in this moment of pure surfing that you want a kite  let him "roll" down the line with you in a stable way. We call this phenomenon Drift Stability and it is the crucial ingredient in a kite.  high performance surfboard. That is why the Drifter is unmatched.


Design profile 3 ribs,


Hybrid design


2 flange adjustment options


Nano Ripstop, the new benchmark in durability, stability and responsiveness. Double strength, same weight.


Dacron design optimized to reduce weight and improve handling characteristics


High tenacity Dacron for increased arch stability


Pure profile panels for efficient aerodynamics


Strategic canopy reinforcements in high stress areas


Slackline Drift for comfortable surfing


Light bar pressure with direct and responsive steering


Great pop for strapless freestyle tricks


Setting conditions on land and offshore


Fast power response and reduction


Fast acceleration and deceleration of the kite


Rapid relaunch

Kite Drifter / Cabrinha Sail 2021

$1,309,900 Regular Price
$1,178,910Sale Price
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